Repair & Maintenance

We´re the auto repair experts in Foley

Our mechanic performing auto repair services in Foley, AL.

General auto repair

We offer much more than just audio accessories and installations. We are also experts in automotive repairs such as oil change, brakes, tires, front-end alignment and general mechanics for cars and trucks. We use the latest diagnostic equipment and we're trained mechanics. We're your one-stop for any automotive mechanical issues, and we'll get the repair done professionally and reasonably.

Auto air conditioner.

Complete AC service and repair

When your air conditioning stops working, see us right away. We use a very advanced AC repair system and our labor rates are among the lowest you'll find. If you´re bringing your car in for regular car maintenance or repairs, ask us about checking your AC system to make sure it is running at its peak performance and to ensure that it won´t break down on you when you need it the most.

Our team member changing oil.

Maintenance services

No one needs to tell you about keeping your vehicle well maintained when you expect it to perform well. Changing your transmission fluid is as important as changing your oil. When summertime arrives, and if you use your car or truck for towing purposes, it's a good idea to stop in with us for a system flush. Our machine does a thorough job for $69.99 plus the transmission fluid cost. Antifreeze is important in the winter and in the summer. Over time, antifreeze breaks down and needs to be changed. Our advanced system will flush your system and change your antifreeze.

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