Auto Accessories

Specializing in auto accessories and security features in Foley

Our team member performing window tinting services on a car.

Security features

Our range of accessories includes the latest in security and safety features. Window tinting offers extra privacy that can help deter theft and we offer a complete selection of tinting possibilities. Video accessories are great for security purposes and for seeing objects that are normally out of your line of sight. If you're having a tough time seeing when you're backing up, a camera system can help. We can advise you on all the latest driving aids and security items. We carry truck parts and equipment from wholesalers and manufacturers.

Remote starting system.

For your convenience

There are so many products and options for automotive convenience that almost anything's possible, thanks to today's technology. Remote starting systems and alarms come in many styles. If you have a limo, visit us for the latest audio, security and video choices. Bring in your vehicle and let us set your gain controls professionally. It can really make a difference in the quality of sound in your vehicle.

Car stock battery.

Additional products

We are known far and wide for our high-end accessories. We also carry plenty of everyday automotive supplies. We now stock batteries. Regular batteries are $99 and our diesel batteries are $129, with a three-year, no questions asked warranty. Our price for a normal battery installation is $15 and you can get free battery and alternator testing from us. Check in with us to find out about our new specials from time to time.

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